Far from ordinary, the Takhini River has carved an Ω into the living landscape. The magic of this place imbued with Earth Wisdom irresistibly lures us into its depth and our primordial self. Those who follow the invitation of the land and go beyond a brief, casual encounter soon remember that places are much more than vistas, that they are animated, active, alive, and intelligent, never static, always transforming themselves and everything embedded within.
For this experience, though, we have to move closer, to fully be there, to engage and lay open our interior, our joys and sorrows, our strengths and vulnerabilities; above all, we have to give authority to the land, to the Other and connect with respect.
At Earth Wisdom Farm we are dedicated to the process of reconciling people with the living landscape, of restoring our life-giving planet, and of developing sustainable, just, and balanced relationships with the Earth and the community of living things, visible and invisible. Our land, the Ibex Mountains, the Takhini River that borders our property to the south, and Annie Ned Creek to the west, inspire, guide and inform everything we do in life and on our certified organic farm an ambicous restoration agriculture or permaculture vision in progress.
Photo copyright & courtesy of Laurent Dick: http://www.polar-photo.com / http://www.alaska365.com
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